Counting down to home

Counting down to home

Fundraising for Benjamin Revell

I’ve put an auction up on my Face Book page for a service to each of my miniature stallions.  Another 3 friends have also offered the same.  Isn’t it wonderful how people come together at a time of need?  We hear so many negatives in the news and various other outlets.  I’ve often thought it would be great to have a “Good News” channel on TV where you could see wonderful things, rather than the horrible things we are subjected to on a daily basis.  Anyone wanting to bid on these boys please do.  It’s for a great cause!


Gentle Carousel Therapy Horses

Thinking about wonderful things…  I have to share with you one of my favourite web sites.  Not only because it is MEGA CUTE, but because it is an absolutely wonderful display of beautiful people, working with beautiful animals, to help those in special need.

And if you need extra cuteness overload, check out Baxter the cat!

Baxter works with the horses at Gentle Carousel’s Reading Is Magic literacy program.

He shops at “Build-A-Bear” for his snazzy outfits.  One person on facebook said, when looking at Baxter’s photo in his fur ensemble, “He looks like my Great Nan”!  LOL

Actually if he was wearing pearls and red lipstick he would look just like my Nana too!

I think I need to make a trip to “Build-A-Bear” before I go home.  We have 4 cats…  🙂



Which leads me to Sophia.  She is still with me, but going back to the shelter on Wednesday.

I’m trying to get her to Wisconsin.  Is there anyone reading this who is heading to Wisconsin from Florida soon??  Some friends up there are keen to take her.

It would be fabulous to know she’s gone to someone whom I know.  She’s a really awesome cat.

This is the real me and Karen 🙂

It’s a pretty good likeness of us on the right, don’t you think?  🙂

My friend Karen from Minnesota sent me a lovely card this week of the two of us together. Ok it’s not actually us per se, but it reminded Karen of me when she saw it 🙂 Karen you rock! I’ll miss you, but I’m sure that we will meet again. We’re Pompe sisters!


Next week is my final Florida infusion.  I have 3 days where I have to be at the hospital for testing.  There are 2 walk tests this week!  The one I am most keen on doing is my breathing test.  I had increased my lung function by 5% at my last test.  That might not sound much right?  But if you think about it for a minute…I have a progressive illness, my lung function was decreasing at a rapid rate before I got here.  And now, not only has it stopped decreasing, not only has it stabilised, it has actually improved.  5%, it’s absolutely tremendous!

On my way home I will be laying over in LA for the day.  I’m meeting up with some friends whom I met in San Antonio, Sabrina and Alicia.  I’m a little worried those girls will lead me astray.  They’re wild!  And me being so quiet and all, well, let me just reiterate, I’m a little worried.  I hope I make my flight back to NZ!

I have my hotel and flights booked for Australia.  Someone asked me the other day if anyone was going with me for support…I thought that was kind of funny actually.  I said I’m in the US by myself lol.  Ozzie will be a doddle!  Hope I didn’t just jinx that!

Have a great week everybody!

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  1. Alicia Blackington

    Girl…. really now, I did mention kidnapping you to Sabrina, but we know in your heart you are exciting to go home. So we will let you off the hook just this once !!


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